Psychic Crystal Tarot & Astrology  from Tara King

Personal Readings 1-2-1 from only £20 for 30 mins.

+ only £5 per every additional 15 mins. I charge a little extra for weekends and last minute appointments.

Phone Readings start at only £14.00 for 20 mins  £21.00 for 30 mins

 Only £26 for 45 mins. Far cheaper than premium rate.

NOW pay me direct from your card either on a 121 or a Phone Reading

Personal *Phone * Email

*Crystal Ball Questions* Daily Tarot Readings * Chinese Signs

 Astrology Birth Charts * Astrology Compatible Charts

I have worked in the past on Premium Lines so I know how accurate they can be. But they are expensive.  I charge a fraction of the price and I am amazed my self how accurate these readings can be. Distance is no object.

Ideal if You can’t get to visit me

Phone Readings - Good Value

Its up to you how long the reading lasts. From 30 mins to 2 hours. If your nervous, as some clients are, you can bring a friend to sit in, Or they may want a reading too.  Please give me at least a days notice, as I can be busy.

I tailor the Reading to suit Your needs

Personal Readings - What to expect

Email Readings amazing value from only £2.99 for a Question Reading


All my email readings are written for the individual and not computer generated. You can chose from a Question Reading to a  New Past Life Reading

NEW ADDITION “Snapshot Reading”, choose from 2 categories, similar to my Daily Choice Tarot but more Detail. Produced for you in easy to access PDF format.

Please allow  up to 48 hrs. Longer if busy!

And dont forget to give me Feedback, please

My cheapest option and written especially for You

Email Readings - A Compelling Read, yours to keep

New & Free!



Pick your Card of the Day and see what life has to offer you right now

Ask the Crystal Ball a Question

Daily ChoiceTarot Reading giving you a chance to ask a Question from 4 category’s. Now more answers!

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by Janine Nicole Petty

Healing  Hands for  well being.

Reduces stress  and  helps  with depression. Practised for

Thousands of years.

NEW Chinese Zodiac Readings - A facinating insight

The Chinese Shengxiào shows what makes you tick

Now available a fuller Reading by Email of your Chinese Sign.Only £2.99  It looks at all aspects of your Chart not just the Year. Includes Your best match in a Partnership & Your marriage combination.

Please allow up to 48 hrs.

Web master - Jennifer Nolan

    5th February 2019

    The Year of the

  Earth Pig

NEW Astrology Readings by email - Good Value

A Very comprehensive look at  you personally Or your Relationship

Ideal as a Gift for a loved one or for a fascinating insight into what makes you tick.

Or a Relationship - whether romantic, business, friendship or family.

Its not just about your Sun Sign but all the other planets and how they relate to each other.  And how you get on with another or the areas not working.

Check out this Months Star Sign Profile


Check out this Months Star Sign Profile

Ask the  Love Heart Crystal Ball a Question

This Year 2019 Gemini is 20th May to 20th June


Please Note - I have moved to Armley Grange Drive in Leeds

Your Chinese Sign This Months Star Sign