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I’ve worked with the Cards and Crystals for 27 years now.

I first found I was seeing Images when I was being given healing. I didn’t realise that this doesn’t normally happen.

I was then given some Tarot Cards by a  friend {who also gave me a Crystal Ball} and felt I was eventually being guided to amalgamate the two. So after a slow start I began doing Readings and have built up my abilities over the years.

I had also studied Counselling for some time before, so I enjoy advising and helping people discover their potential , work out how to deal with problems and answering their questions.

The work I do can cover your situation at the time which is usually very accurate and confirms we are on the right track. I will also cover a larger area of your life if you wish or concentrate on a particular situation.

You can ask Questions to help you and I will give a Forecast which I find brings everything together.  I can use a Crystal Ball to enlighten the reading further and also gain insight from Reading your Hand, although I'm not a Palmist. I can use the same method with objects like Photos or Letters.

I even sense things in Buildings by touch and can tune into Animals with any problems they may have.

I am happy to work with you on a 1-2-1 Reading. Up to 3 at my house. No longer doing parties.

As well as Personal Readings. I also do very successful Email Readings at very competative rates and Phone Readings which are far cheaper than Premium Rate, of which I have worked for a few in the past.

In my Email Readings I have just introduced a Past, Present and Future Reading for only 4.50. My fees are payable by the very popular PayPal. Or can be direct to my email -  I can also now take your cards over the phone should you find that easier. Its just a fee of £1 for that. Please see my other pages for further details.


A Clairsentient - using Tarot Cards, Crystal Ball, Crystal Pendant, Photos or Letters.

I also incorporate Astrology in my Readings and am now introducing Reports.

Let me introduce myself - I AM TARA KING

Customers are usually impressed by my opening Reading which pin points what is relevant now and the near future. My Forecasts are an exciting journey which delights and gives me recommendations.

I have done readings from all over the world. To America, Europe. Hong Kong, Australia. I find them very satisfying.

Of course I mainly deal with the UK but its a big world out there. I am amazed how accurate they are just by the client picking their own cards.

Phone Readings are just as good as a personal Reading. As Psychic abilities transcend space and time. I have no trouble connecting, as the cards are my guiding influence and the client chooses them too. I can still use my crystal pendant.

 I have had a few years of experience on the phone and am also amazed how accurate it is

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I seem to be back in the swing now as suddenly Email Readings are getting popular again. I used to do  a lot when I was on EBay but more recently I have been doing Phone readings. So I'm getting a nice balance between 121, Phone and Email Readings at  the moment. .

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Question Reading - Only £2.99.  A bit of astrology, Clairvoyance and My Pendant.

Chinese Profiles

I have been interested in Chinese Astrology for almost as many years as I have studied Western Astrology. They both help me in my assessment of people and I am starting to include Chinese Astrology more for customers in my readings. As you will see on my page its not just the year that is used. Same as Western Astrology is not just the Sun Sign. I feel sad that some people rubbish Astrology, usually those who know nothing at all about it.

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