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The Birth Chart of Tara King Launch - an example of an Electoral Astrology Date.

Birth Chart of Tara King Launch

This Chart represents the Birth of Tara King. I was advised by a talented psychic to chose this date and time. It's very appropriate as it gives me The Sun in Leo in the 7th House of Partnerships, which is good for promoting your self, especially on a 1-2-1 basis. The Moon in Scorpio conjuncts my own Moon which is good for me to identify emotionally with what I do. Mercury and Venus are also in Leo, again good for promoting oneself. Mars is in Gemini which exactly conjuncts my Mercury/Uranus energising my resolve. Jupiter is in Virgo, which means you work hard for your money. Saturn in the First House which is good for business and especially for me in the humanitarian Sign of Aquarius. It conjuncts my Mid Heaven which is for ambitions. Apposes the Sun/Mercury though, meaning times when things dont go so well, especially holiday time. Still you cant have everything. Uranus/Neptune in Capricorn in the 12th House is great for spiritual work,  especially in business.Also getting good business ideas working alone .

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See the Birthday Profile of the Day Tara King was launched - Again spookily accurate for myself and what was and is still needed

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