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This is Week #1 of this Months Sun Sign of


All the stars this week will be ladies and how they feel about relationships

Guess who it is from a) Helena Bonham- Carter {actress}


                    b) Naomi Campbell {model}


            c) Lauryn Hill {singer}       


This person enjoys finesse in love and they treasure a thoughtful lover. They enjoy a soft touch and appreciate being told how much they are loved. The more verbal the better. They will read too much into an ill chosen word from their loved one, so should not take it too seriously.

They feel that a good relationship is based on sincerity and good will.  However they respond more to variety in sex, so need a partner who can deliver. Love to them is best in a happy but sometimes complicated game of constantly changing stimuli. Underlying this is a much simpler emotion base of mutual friendship and companionship.

Each week there will be one lucky winner who guesses the right option and will receive a FREE Email Question Reading

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