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The Sign of the cool individual, Aquarians will surprise you with their caring, do anything for you charm then when they've got you hooked can be quite determined to get their way. Always looking at the whole rather than the individual they will have a sense of justice for all.

Aquarius you like to do something useful with your lives and will think big but may not pay attention to the details, so you need a right hand man or woman to assist you in your quests. You are suited at speaking up for others, as in politics, social work or a psychologist. Many Aquarians are interested in Astrology and like to think there is something out there. Science and discovery capture your attention. You are an original, being your planet is Uranus, the planet of sudden change and the unexpected.

You can be rebels just for the sake of having your own way and as a Fixed sign this makes you stubborn. However your coolness can seem to have your emotions in check. This means that you look at things objectively, so you speak the truth which some might not like. You are intellectually driven and as such can go your own way but you never judge others, as you respect the individual as others should you.

Being a Air sign, which rules the mind ( yes not a Water sign as some suppose) you like your mind stimulated. So a handsome or pretty face alone wont do it for you

You don't like clinging, dependant people in fact quite the opposite.  

Famous Aquarians are Harry Styles, Robbie Williams, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Aniston, Christian Bale, Aston Kutcher, Alan Cummings, John Travolta

Sign of the Humanitarian

This Year 2016

Aquarius is Jan 20th - Feb 20th