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Extract from a Question Reading

4)- What works for or against you in the future

This works well for you as your not in a big hurry to be involved right now. So you are in a place that suits you. Even if you spend time on your own you are happy with your personal space. Its fine that someone interesting happens along. You are indulging yourself and want to look good, so are happy to be admired and treated. What works against is this relationship can surprise you more than you may think.

I see you are not sure what ***** is thinking sometimes as he can be a mystery to himself as well as the on looker. I see he may be good at playing a part, not necessarily in a bad way but as an actor assuming differ roles, so you are ever sure what you are going to get.

For or Against Sample Extract

Sample from Ex Lover Reading

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Sample from Snapshot Reading

Sample from Relationship Reading

Extract from Should You/Shouldnt You

6) Where you would like the relationship to go

There is the opportunity to move either house or job. This may mean looking at what you both want or need. Security again can be very persuasive, as the practical foundations are solid. Times can be good as you want things to be safe and secure with prosperity in work and greater responsibility. You want your relationship to take a more serious committed turn. An renewal of your vows or to marry if not already done so. You need friends and family too to be happy for you.

I see a happy spring scene here with pink blossoms that you bend to the ground. Its almost as if you have a need to hang onto the sweetness and romance, as its hard to release its hold.

9) Something you need to know before deciding

This card gives you an opportunity to demonstrate a mental and physical show of strength. You want to make your point in no uncertain terms, so wont be averse to telling those what you think. But it will be time to stop talking about what you are going to do and just do it. You can win over any obstacles by reasoning things out and giving logical arguments. Go after whatever you need to do, be it a rung upon the ladder, a project you have been wanting to do or a deal, or contract. You will find you have allies in unexpected places. People around you will admire your ambition. Any travelling you may do is related to your specific goal. Just remember to take time on your journey to smell the flowers.

I see you getting almost over confident, so do be careful that you keep on top of what you are doing but take time out so as not to let stress build up.

You know that you cant change ****** but you continue to feel its worth it to try. There is a powerful sexual chemistry as I said, but does that compensate?

I see him running away out of breath but at the same time turning to look back. I feel he is a bit scared as if he needs some space to breath. I think he is overwhelmed too by the

power of your love. He feels he is being pinned down, as he looks behind him and sees a cross and that makes him panic.

I asked my Pendant which was uncertain at first, as it seemed there would be a brief meeting and it looked good for a minute, then it swung wildly to a definite NO I’m afraid. So it looks like you will try to sort something out but it wont be successful.


Well this looks better, as good times will come. If you have been confused about a relationship that will ease. Also a pending matter with finances reaches a positive conclusion. Just be careful you don't blow it all. Reunions are on the cards and old wounds heal and allow you to move forward with your life. Its time for celebration such as weddings and lavish get to together's with friends and family.

I see an old man is trying to persuade you that he is right but you aren't convinced and wish he wouldn't interfere.

9) Outcome or resolution

This looks like its reverting back to the negative just when things seemed to be getting so much better. Often this is fearing the worst when the worst may not happen. This can entail worry about your family and how they are coping with all this, you may even be feeling a deep sadness for the problems of the world in general. You are worried about things going wrong. Even though you feel all is not well, its not as bad as you think. Maybe you suspect you are being cheated on, or not being fussed over you as much. Don’t torment yourself with fears but bring your doubts into the open. Clear the

air with a heart to heart talk before your suspicions destroy your relationship.

I see you tossing and turning, as your imagination is working overtime. It can be memories of the past that haunt you. So get rid of these images, even if you have to Literally remove actual pictures.