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Lively  Positive Confrontational

This Year 2019 Aries is 21st March to 19th April


About Me!

Aries is the first of the zodiac signs and represents the self. You strongly project your personalities onto others and can be very self-oriented. Aries tend to venture out into the world and leave impressions on others that they are exciting, vibrant and talkative. Being a Fire sign this seems quite logical as they are fearless and outspoken.  Aries have strong opinions and personalities and they need to be number-one. They are competitive and love a challenge, but are often better at starting than finishing. They need to forge a head and can incur accidents to the head if they aren't careful which they never are. This applies whether you are SUN,MOON  or ASCENDANT. In fact any strongly aspected planet in Aries will show itself. Sometimes unexpectedly.

Adventurous and not afraid to take risks, you can push your luck Aries just for the adrenaline fix.  The positive energy that the Aries possess and spreads around not only gives them a psychological advantage over others, but also makes them quite a popular lot in the social circles.If they are interested in something, be it a relationship or a project, the Aries will be passionately into it and be an inspiration for others. The fiery Aries have fixed opinions and they will not budge for anything in the world. Their stubbornness make them very difficult people to deal with!  Yes, the Aries enthusiastic and active, but their energies are, more often than not, scattered in different directions. They need to harness their energy levels and be disciplined in order to succeed in life.  The confidence that radiates from an Aries is so imbedded that they find it difficult to be unhappy about anything. Optimism and a general state of happiness tend to be the go-to attitude for an Aries.  “hot headed” tends to be a bit of an understatement when it comes to you Aries. They tend to go from calm, cool and collected to fuming within minutes. Tread lightly with hot button issues when having casual conversations with an Aries

What do you expect from a Sun sign ruled by Mars, the planet of war? The honest nature of the Aries can be paired with the tendency to be aggressive in unfortunate ways however.

Just look at the list below. Far more than any other sign to see how formidable they are.

FAMOUS ARIANS: Leonardo Da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, Joseph Pulitzer, Harry Houdini, Charlie Chaplin,

Mary Pickford, Tennessee Williams, Billie Holiday.

Jayne Mansfield, Jackie Chan, Mya Angelou, Steve McQueen, Warren Beatty, Dudley Moore, James Patterson,

Hugh Hefner, Lady Ga Ga, Robert Downey Jnr, Eddie Murphy, Elton John, Gary Oldman, Reese Witherspoon,

Heath Ledger,Quentin Tarantino, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Aretha Franklin, Eric Clapton, Frances Ford Coppola, Celine Dion.

Marlon Brando, Jim Parsons, Saoirse Ronan, Sarah Jessica Parker, Russell Crowe, Emma Watson, Paul Rudd

Alec Baldwin, Vince Vaughn, Kate Hudson, Robbie Coltrane, Victoria Beckham,

Danica Patrick, Guccio Gucci. Mariah Carey, Logan Paul, Emma Thompson, Keira Knightley, Rosie O'Donnell

Christopher Walken, Tim Curry, Elle Fanning, Elle Macpherson, Patricia Arquette, Seth Rogen, Maria Sharapova, Sarah Michelle Gellar, America Ferrera, Marc Jacobs