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Over achiever but family minded

This Year 2017 Capricorn is 22nd Dec to 19th Jan 2018


About Me!

Capricorn the sign of the Goat but here also half fish, seen in ancient times as the struggle between the lower mind and the spiritual. Its true that you can often seem unsure and nervous even though you may have great potential. Perhaps its because Capricorns are challenged by their planet Saturn which demands much of them to succeed at all costs and achieve a high  status in life. You are eager to climb to the top, as in the Goat but may sacrifice your more sensitive side in the process, so can be seen as quite self seeking and even ruthless. You hold grudges and will take revenge for perceived slights. Capricorn is a Cardinal sign after all which indicates leadership abilities. However as a Earth sign they are also a  feminine sign.

Capricorns can be quite strict as they represent the father, being at the top of your chart. The tenth house of career is ruled by this sign. You can even use any means possible to gain success and are not above using sex as a tool to do this. You can seem insensitive in this end. However you can have a wicked sense of humour but never will accept a joke at your expense. Capricorns do not like to be humiliated. You will work long and hard for success but feel insecure if it doesn't come your way. This can include status in society, a top job or a desirable partner that you will compete for. A good thing for Capricorns, as with your planet Saturn, the planet of age and experience is you can seem mature for your age when young but age well as the years go by. You respond to traditional values, rules and regulations,  competition makes you keen on sports, although you can be so aggressively determined to win, you can be less than gracious when you lose

People with Moon in Capricorn will doubt that love will come their way or give then what they seek. Capricorn Venus or Mars is often found in the charts of famous celebrities that I have done charts for in the past. This was on my Guess the Star in the HOTSPOT which I may bring back in the future.