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Grounded yet Romantic and Generous

The 2nd Sign of the Zodiac sees Tarus represented by the curious toddler who likes to experience all the senses that the world has to offer. It follows therefore that they grow up to be very sensuous, with a desire for great food to taste. All that is beautiful to see. Stimulating music to hear. All of nature to smell and that loving touch that speaks a thousand word. In fact Taurus may often find words difficult to show how they feel but can express themselves in song, as Taurus rules the throat, giving them wonderful vocal chords such as Adele has.

They have their bad points as well, Such as overindulgence in food and can be quite lazy too. Stubborn to a fault with a temper too if pushed. On the whole they are very easy going and take their time in most things .Taurus you will find is a reliable friend but will need you to give in return. They are ambitious and can often be found where money is made or banked. They are in fact regarded as the banking sign of the Zodiac and need to feel secure in that area. When you make your money Taurus you are very generous and like to spoil your loved ones as well as yourself..

You Taurus are ruled by the planet Venus, goddess of love, which makes you very indulgent and attentive in love. This makes you also one of the best looking of the Zodiac, particularly the men such as George Clooney and David Beckham.. You share Venus with the sign of Libra, so you will have a lot in common with them. Also your opposite sign of Scorpio, as the sparks can fly between you too but you blend so well together and will appreciate each others loyalty.Two of my personal favouriteTaurus in history are Shakespeare and Tchaikovsky. I find them so inspiring. Don’t lets forget Dali that revolutionary artist too.

This Year 2017 Taurus is 20th April to 20th May