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Very Inquisitive - Make loyal friends

As the 6th Sign of the Zodiac Virgos seek to serve or be of assistance. Their Sign rules the House of Work and Service, but also fashion which their attention to detail comes into its own. Their aim is to be helpful and attentive(even if you don't need it). So make excellent PA’s. Their scrutinising nature helps them be excellent investigators who leave no stone unturned. You may find Virgos fussy and critical. That's because they want the best for you, as well as themselves. Being an Earth sign, Virgos are very sensuous and usually dress well with style, As you might suppose Virgos can be shy or is it that they prefer the background position rather than the staring role. However they can be very persuasive at getting your attention when they are really interested. So can make themselves indispensable.

 Virgo you are neat and tidy but occasionally some just go the other way. If Leo is featured in your chart you will likely expect to be sorted out more than the usual particular Virgo. Being very intelligent, with their planet Mercury ruling the Mind, they are interested in everything and everyone. Virgo you find it hard to discuss your feelings so can make it hard for others to understand. So your better at doing something practical rather than discussing your deepest feelings..

Though excellent communicators and witty in conversations Virgo you prefer to show your deepest feelings in actions rather than words. You may avoid touching, except with close friends or family members. However Virgo can be highly sexed so may surprise you. In this way unlike some other signs, use sex as a way of expressing  their love.

Virgo can be criticised as children so in turn become critical of others in a mean way.

Acting is quite common with this sign as it helps over come their fears by pretending to be someone  else.

Maybe shy to make friends easily, it follows that they’re the loyalist and kindest of companions. So are great company with a good sense of humour.

This Year 2017 Virgo is 23rd August to 22nd Sept