The Chinese Zodiac or  Shengxiào

The Sign of Industry

 Nobody can be more consistent, endure and persevere than the Ox. Being strong personalities they are very solid characters who possess true grit. Being trustworthy and dependable they are gifted with a caste iron integrity who will never shirk from their responsibilities. People born under the mantle of the Ox are kind, caring, logical and positive. Their common sense keeps their feet planted firmly on the ground. Security is their main object in life. It follows they are prepared to toil long and hard to provide a comfortable stable for themselves and their loved ones. Once they have secured a home around them, a supportive partner and a loving family they will slowly build up the skills and reputation ploughing that furrow in their chosen field.

Oxen are strong minded and stubborn however being highly intelligent individuals who don't take kindly to being told what to do. At home they are very dominant types with extreme standards of excellence which can make them rather difficult to live with. Oxen like to make the rules and you had better not step over the line. As they grow older they can get even more conservative, more immovable, bovine and rigid in their outlook. So they are the ones who the Chinese say are more in danger of ending up alone in later life unless they learn to be more tolerant.

In the workplace Oxen carry out their duties with a quiet,steady methodical approach. They don't go for centre stage but prefer to work away in the background. But they can come forward with leadership qualities with commanding presence. Then they can take charge with a voice that has to be reckoned with. They take no nonsense, so can inspire loyalty and respect for their even-handed and fair minded way of dealing with things. So although the Ox doesn't ask to be put into the limelight they do like to be boss, as these quietly dominant types enjoy being in positions of power.

Although they are seemingly practical and conservative Ox people can turn on the sophistication with style for the grand occasion, particularly the ladies. Classic outfits, beautifully and elegantly tailored. Ox people have a knack of personalising everything they wear. They will always turn out stylishly and completely individualistic.  

The Sign of Wisdom

Snakes are not people who can be easily ignored. With their strong charismatic charm they are often described as bewitching. People born in the Snake Year are said to be very wise and philosophical. Business wise they can be shrewd and know how to bide their time when making a deal. Like their symbol the Snake they know when to strike and make a killing, as their timing is rarely off. It follows they can be financially successful and generally lucky with money.

However if they don't follow their instincts and try to gamble it can be disastrous for them. Their fortunes very much depend and their careful and considered judgement. Making quick decisions is not for them. Snakes are serious, deep thinking types; they are certainly not shallow or frivolous. They seem to have a sense of purpose ; a strong sense of destiny which may have karmic undertones.

Being clever, intelligent people, when they give their advice its always worth listening to.They tend to gain respect, yet people cant help but be cautious around them, as they delight in intrigue and can be treacherous and calculating , so watch out. They wouldnt think twice at double-crossing to save their own skin.  It may seem as if they have forgotten a slight but they will wait patiently until they are good and ready then strike like their symbol with their venomous fangs.  

There is a certain duel nature about them  anyway, as sometimes they will seem strong and ready for action and then can be cautious and calculating. Maybe pearls of wisdom come forth, then they seem suddenly naive. Just like their sign again they can be slippery. As to their intuition they seem to put their fingers right on the button, as often they are psychic. So an interest in religion, mysticism or the occult can give them all the ingredients of a mystic.

This inner sensitivity accounts for their appreciation of the arts and they may have a talent for playing music too. Art too is a passion and like the Rabbit they can become avid collectors. They enjoy going to the theatre,concerts and the opera. They will patronise artistic endeavours also.

Even though they have a tendency to penny pinch, they enjoy adornments. The ladies will have quite a collection of good costume jewellery, nothing cheap or mediocre for them. Both the men and women dress with style and taste and why not as they are known for their good looks. So can often be tagged with a vain and self-centred label. They have however a magical knack of making the best out of nothing.

The Sign of Bravery & Daring

Like most big cats the Tiger likes to take charge and run the show.They must always take centre stage no matter what's happening. They like to choose their own path regardless what anyone else tells them to do. Taking orders from others just goes against the grain. Their attitude to life is with sweeping gestures. Not for them the nit-picking red tape, or dotting the ‘I’s’ etc.

Of course, as you might suppose, they have a lot of courage and they will need it, with their disregard for the rules. They have strong humanitarian instincts and wont pass by if they see a wrong being done. They will champion a good cause without regard to the consequences to themselves. When they get the bit between their teeth they will go all out to pursue their objectives, regardless. These people have abundant energy and sweep everyone and every thing along in the enthusiasm of the moment. There’s never a dull moment when Tigers are around. Of course such high octane of energy will burn itself out eventually but after a short rest they will bounce back to the scene with just as much explosive excitement and enthusiasm as before.

Tigers have an inborn magnetic personality that attracts people to them like bees round a honey pot. Being warm hearted and friendly they can be frank, honest and open. So you had better harden up your sensitivities, as they wont beat around the bush and will ask for something directly if they want it. However they are kind and generous, so maybe you can forgive them. If you cross them though you can bet they wont take it lying down like their name sake. Like wise if a loved one is threatened they will go for the jugular. It follows they can be temperamental and unpredictable. Possessing a short fuse, they are impatient, rebellious, impetuous and unrestrained.

They are ever optimistic but have the ability to look at themselves, so in that are ready to learn by their mistakes. They are very able in fact to pick things up at a glance and teach themselves anything they put their minds to. Either by reading books or observing others at a task.

It follows they are likeable people with a large following, as despite their faults, they have a wide eyed naivety about life. They are convinced that good will triumph over evil, and have an old-fashioned code of honour, chivalry and good manners.  

With such an outlook on life its difficult not to turn a blind eye to their faults.

The beginnings of Chinese Astrology pre-dates written records. Evidence exists however that would suggest that this system was in use some 2 to 3 thousand years before Christ. Which advocates, along with the Romans, Babylonians, Egyptians, Mayans and most other societies that Astrology has been in existence since man first looked at the Stars.

Astrology in the East is based on the lunar cycle. Whereas Western Astrology, as most people know, is based on the Sun’s cycle through the Zodiac. However until the 1930’s Western Astrology was based on your Moon sign also. But that is another subject..

The Chinese New Year varies from year to year because of the 2nd lunar cycle of the New Moon, following the winter solstice. So can start from between mid January to Mid February.

In addition to the 12 Animal Signs outlined here, Chinese Astrology is also divided into to 5 elements, as apposed to 4 in Western Astrology. But unlike Western Astrology, which incorporates the elements into each individual sign, such as Earth and Water signs, Chinese Astrology increases the range to set a different element every 12 years for each sign, giving 60 years in all.

Apart from this, the Chinese divide every thing into Negative and Positive, that is the Yin and the Yang. So for each element there is a Yin, then a Yang.  It follows then that the sequence changes elements every two years. Further to this seemingly simple astrological system, Chinese Astrology further divines the Month and Hour of birth for each person born.

I have always thought that a schools’ or colleges’ yearly intake will differ greatly each year with the contrast between the Yin and Yang energy of every other year. Also each class will be made up of very different elements with two Chinese Years being included. Consecutive siblings may fight too, even those born two years apart. Just look at your own and that of your children to see what I mean.

Your Chinese Sign

and What does it Mean

The Sign of Refinement & Fervour

In a nutshell Horses can be described as having active strength. They have masses of psychical reserves, being strong and energetic. As you might suppose they like to be busy  and on the go the whole time. They’re especially at their best when their stamina and psychical abilities can be put to the test. Horse people have a pleasant, amiable and easy-going nature. This guarantees popularity and a large following of friends. Blessed with good humour, and bon-hommie they are extremely easy to get along with, as they have a knack at putting people at their ease.

It follows that freedom and independence are as essential to Horse born people as the air they breath. Having a low boredom threshold both in terms of friendships and interests is common of those born in this sign. Consequently they tend to act on impulse, so being their own masters they are often unpredictable. If they don't show up or turn up late you can’t help but forgive them when they are so lighthearted and agreeable about the whole thing. Besides they can be so casual in their attitude to life they wouldn't dream of keeping you to your word.

Even though they have this carefree outlook on life they can be staunchly loyal to their family and friends, especially in times of need they are conscientious and dependable.They don't mind being saddled with responsibility either.

Like their symbol, Horse born people are high spirited and lively. As well as being rash and wilful they are prone to rapid changes of mood  and though not likely to lose their temper too much, they see red, so look out for that. However they put 120% into what ever they are doing with self-confidence and energy. They are quick to catch on, being mentally alert and quick -witted. They have to be, what with boredom setting in so quickly. So they have to fit in as much as they can in a short space of time so they can go galloping of to pastures new. Its just as well that they can juggle several projects at the same time. With their dexterous and incisive minds they can make accurate judgments in the twinkling of an eye. They are particularly skilled at handling money . When it comes to intuition they have a sixth-sense that is quite uncanny.

The Horse is not a daydreamer with fantastical imaginations, they are logical and down to earth - that is till they fall in love. Then they are vulnerable. No member of the eleven other signs tends to lose their heads quite so easily, or turn to putty quite so readily.So their headstrong independence will not listen to warnings of rushing in where angels fear to tread. Only when they are in deep do they realise that their ardour and impetuosity where mis-placed ; then the same old boredom and familiarity-breeds-contempt sets in.

They are so charming that you could be forgiven they hadn’t graduated from a charm school. They have even been labled the playboys/girls and jet setters of the Chinese Zodiac. They like to make a fashion statement with elegance and a strong sense of style. Just be warned that they are quite the opposite of the Snake in they cannot keep quiet - being chatty and gossipy. They can't keep a secret to save their lives, so if you tell them one you can be sure its the quickest way to broadcast your business to the whole world. So may be best to have them as your publicity man/woman.

The Sign of Honesty

People born in a Rooster year are strong minded, tough and resilient. Not surprisingly they are powerful personalities, being assertive and determined they stand on their own two feet, pretty much like the cockerel in the chicken run. People born under this sign are notoriously dominant, in fact down right bossy and intimidating. They are tidy minded and like to keep everything in its place. At home nothing will be out of place and at work they are sticklers for detail. All their affairs will be in order and systematically filed away. In fact the management of finances is their best asset both in personal and business. Though they may be flashy in other areas of their life when it comes to money Roosters are prudent and careful. They are not above skimping and scraping so they can enjoy their bank balance growing fat. They will be good at managing your money too, so it follows that financial advisors, bank managers, accountants and money lenders all do well if born in the year of the Rooster.

When it comes to making decisions of any kind Roosters prefer to weigh things up and carefully consider all sides before coming to any conclusion.  This also applies to relationships. They are said to be passionate and though they have a very active sex-drive they tend to lack firm commitment when it comes to serious relationships. Also they can be rather shallow towards others .

These people have loads of energy and stamina, both in their working lives and leisure pursuits. They often take on far more than they can handle, so don't always manage to come up with the goods. Similarly they love parties, outings, social gatherings and dancing to the early hours, burning the candle at both ends.

They are compelled to win, being motivated to achieve. They need to feel they are the best, the cleverest, the wittiest, the ones who stand out from the crowd. Also they are not happy unless they can gain advantage over another person. They love to brag about their accomplishments and their vanity and boastfulness gives them a strong need to be the centre of attention.

Yet its this very quality that makes them amusing companions.They excel at small talk with their idle banter and can be the life and soul of the any party, entertaining those around with their anecdotes and sparking repartee. They are the talkative types, being outspoken, frank, open and honest - but maybe too blunt, even abrasive at times. This is due to the critical steak in their natures coupled with a tendency to intolerance.

The contrast in them is that they are conservative and traditionalist in their outlook  On the other hand they can be dramatic and theatrical. The fine colourful plumage of the farmyard bird suggests the Rooster folk have a tendency to extravagant dress. They love showy clothes and uniforms with a lot of braid. They will then strut about showing off their fine feathers for all to see and admire.

The Sign of the Arts

The Sheep person  is the most gentle sign of the Chinese Zodiac. There is nothing base or crude about them. They posses excellent manners and the males adhere to the old-fashioned code of chivalry and courtesy. Sheep are sincere and easily taken in by sob stories and is likely mild mannered, even shy. They are known for their gentle and compassionate ways. The Sheep is apt to mother, even smother the objects of his affections. He tends to be easily overcome by his emotions  and can become pessimistic and withdrawn. Not very good at strict schedules Sheep people can’t work under pressure or take too much discipline or criticism.  However the Sheep’s subdued outer appearance hides his inner determination. When under threat he will respond passionately and firmly. The Chinese believe good fortune smiles on the Sheep because of his pure nature and good heart. When you have nowhere to go and no money you can be sure the Sheep wont turn you away,as such he is called the Good Samaritan. It follows Sheep can be found in the caring professions, such as social worker, doctors, vets, healers and therapists.

Sheep people are often on the receiving end of inheritances or patronage, no matter how poor his up bringing. As the Sheep is the 8th sign in the Zodiac, to the Chinese that is the number of prosperity and comfort. Sheep people have a passive endurance that will wear you down with pleas. He’s good at getting favours with his ‘oh so innocent face’, quivering lips that makes you feel like a monster taking a lamb to the slaughter when you were going to say “No” but of course you never do. You will never know his mettle until you try to break him. He's not so warm and woolly after all. Basically a survivor he will know how to placate or evade his enemies or get someone else to sort you out.

The Sheep would rather follow and complain when things go wrong,  so not very good at making his own decisions.  He may float about doing nothing in order to avoid conflict or a demanding situation and be criticised for it. He is difficult to deal with, being super-sensitive he's given to self pity and floods of tears.

Appreciating his talents will make the Sheep blossom, as he craves love, attention and approval - in that order. They are attracted to the arts and any creative field is were Sheep people excel; he needs to be given a free hand too. Where beauty is concerned the Sheep has very discriminating tastes and preferences. Then again he also tends to spend a lot and may not be practical. He is so sensitive to beauty and balance his moods are largely effected by his surroundings. Bright, airy and tasteful deco help him function best. Anything ugly or drab depresses him.  

Being domestic in the extreme people born in the year of the Sheep love their family and their homes. It is essential they create around them a warm and united domestic environment.

The Sign of Charm

The first sign actually likes to be in the forefront of the action. With a majestic air about them, as leaders they enjoy being looked up to . For they are regal creatures who do well in any situation where they can be respected . They see themselves as a cut above the others; the top 5 percent is how they refer to themselves; the crème de la crème. Restless and inquisitive, busy by nature they are active both physically and mentally and enjoy the thrill of living dangerously.   

Travelling is a favourite pastime, as is experimenting with new sensations. On home ground they are likely to have a few projects on the boil, as above all else Rats hate the dull tedium of a routine, so when they get bored with one project they can stir the pot somewhere else.

Rats are best known for their charm, their sharp wit and great sense of humour, making them stimulating company. They like to live on their wits rather than slog away for their daily bread. They are not only imaginative and perceptive, seeing things objectively, they size people and situations up in the twinkling of their eyes. They see goals and distant horizons and go straight for their targets. Rats are highly ambitious and although they do seem to have an eye for the main chance, they are prepared to put in a great deal of hard work in order to reach their objective. And reach it they will, as just as they like being first, they also like being top.

They love to make an impact and leave a lasting impression. In dealing with others its their extrovert nature that comes to the fore. There’s little chance of forgetting these warm hearted, friendly people whose very presence is so charming.

Domestically they are great family people, being home loving and sensuous.They can often be generous to a fault and at other times be quite frugal. Their whole attitude to money is certainly ambiguous. They may be careful with money, then spend it all, especially on paintings, books and art. Equally with those they love they can spend money like it's going out of fashion. Also with the people they love they are very loyal.  They are renowned for standing by their loved ones and sticking up for their friends.

When life is not good however, they are not able to accept it gracefully, so will become fretful, obsessive, fussy and niggly over trifles. They are usually tolerant and easy going in general but there is always a sense of aggression lurking underneath the surface and the hint that if rubbed up the wrong way anger will break through that wonderful charm. However with their quick wit and broadminded approach they generally enjoy what life has to offer.


The Sign of Fidelity

Of all the Zodiac Dog people are the most humanitarian. These are the givers in life; they are prepared to sacrifice their own dreams and ambitions for the sake of others. Born to serve, they are the carers, unselfishly  putting the needs of others first and themselves last. Being fiercely loyal to those they love, Dogs are every ready to jump to the defence of any member of their family who is being attacked either by word or deed. Like their animal counterpart in fact.

As selfless humanitarians their instincts suggest a disposition for championing the under-dog. They are renowned for taking up the banner for equal rights, civil liberties and justice. Being idealistic and well-meaning they can turn their talents to community work where they will work tirelessly to improve the lot of those less fortunate in society.

Sometimes their willingness to help can be misunderstood and they can be seen as nosy, meddling in others affairs and all too ready to give advice where perhaps its not needed. Also because they genuinely feel they know best, they can sometimes appear too bossy as they walk in and bark orders, taking charge of the whole situation.

Dog people are solid, steady workers who put in consistent effort into whatever they are doing. They are persistent types, as they dont give up once they have set their minds to it. They are obstinate and even downright bloody-minded. They are however sensible and aware of their limitations. They pace themselves and don't take on more than they can handle.

With their forthright honesty and true moral integrity they soon become pillars of society, respected for their views and trusted by all who know them. Staunchly loyal to both friends and superiors, they will take time to listen to others problems and give comfort whenever they can. Its true the saying ”man’s best best friend is his dog” ideally sums them up.

A problem they can have is they find it difficult to adapt to change and may prefer to stick it out in the same situation no matter how unpleasant, rather than face the unknown. Dogs are pessimistic and so will expect the worst to happen if they change. This can then spoil their enjoyment of life and any happiness they might get from an intimate relationship. If they do decide to make a change they tend to become nostalgic about the past as they lack enthusiasm for their new situation.

They have a problem with getting anxious, even though they may seem composed on the surface. They feel uneasy deep down that makes them tend to worry and fret, very often without cause. Like their name sake, Dogs can sense when danger is near and all too easily then can become suspicious of people and situations they aren't familiar with.   

Of all the Chinese Zodiac animals Dogs are the least materialistic for they care more about people than they do about money or success.

The Sign of Benevolence

A taste for la dolce vita is the overriding factor for people born in the Year of the Pig. So it should follow that we should look forward to that year ourselves. Pig people posses a strong sense of luxury. Being extravagant, they take great pleasure in pampering themselves and their loved ones. Fond of buying little treats for themselves, or presents that they know will please others, they delight in the stimulation of the senses. Not for them the endless rush of the Rat race, Pigs like a life of ease and pleasure that so compliments their easy-going nature.

However when they do need to work they will roll up their sleeves and get stuck in. In this case its an all or nothing attitude. They will work hard when needed but will compensate by rewarding themselves with luxuries, holiday trips or indulging in their favourite pastimes.

Conversely they may at times seem cool and reserved, as blessed as they are with plenty of composure and self-control, they don’t usually allow emotion to cloud the issue.

Cheerful and generally contented Pigs love company and a social life. With their light-hearted attitude to life they make amusing folk to be with.  Its unusual to find a solitary pig. It follows those born under this Sign find it very easy to make friends and to hang onto them for life.

Tactlessness is perhaps their worst characteristic - some tend to put their whole foot in it in a big way. So not being renowned for their diplomacy then, but they are excellent at pouring oil on troubles waters, so invaluable to have around in peace-making or bridging situations.

Some pigs may lack self-reflection and insight but then they more than make up for it with their big heart and generosity - some of which is all too easily taken advantage of, unfortunately they can then be taken for a ride. However, though fairly tolerant and placid, when absolutely backed into a corner, make no mistake about it, Pigs can turn vicious. When they find their friendship and good nature being seriously abused  they will give no quarter and that friendship will be unceremoniously cut short.

Home is their passion where Pig folk are concerned. They will go to a great deal of effort into decorating it stylishly, adding their own creative touches that are typical of the Pigs handicraft skills. Of all the domestic merits it must be obvious that of all The Chinese Zodiac Pigs make the best cooks.

When it comes to entertaining too they wont be cutting corners and will want to serve up a magnificent feast laid out with sparkling crystal and the silver.  Yes Pigs certainly know how to put on the style and just as much as they love, food, parties and friends they love to dress up too. Ladies of the sign will dress to the hilt - sometimes being a little too ostentatious.

Perhaps Pigs can be accused showing off, of exhibitionism, of being flirtatious, even licentious but no doubt in general of being good sorts

The Sign of Luck & Good Fortune

There is definitely an exotic air about Dragon people, especially with a Lady Dragon, who exudes sexuality. Whether male or female Dragons score quite a hit with the opposite sex . Being flexible and accommodating they fit in with whatever is going on, as long as it suites them that is. Though seemingly amicable and agreeable they don't take kindly to being dominated by others. Then they can be as ferocious as the mythical beast itself. When they feel crossed they will belch enough fire to burn any opposition or hostility aimed at their heads. Generally they are kind and generous, as long as they are allowed to take the lead that is. Dragons, it must be said, are often found in powerful positions because they like to be in charge. Taking orders and having to tow the line is alien to them. They are much happier and healthier when running the show themselves, rather than being in the supporting cast.

Intellectually they are clever, bright but can throw all logic to the wind and follow their speculations. Fortunately for them they have a strong intuition which stands them in good stead. Dragons will always land on their feet no matter what difficulties or hardships they may encounter.

Undoubtedly this is due to the fact that of all the Chinese Signs those born under the sign of The Dragon are the luckiest of all. Good fortune follows them wherever they go. They also have the Midas touch . It is said the Year of the Dragon is good for business and all money making schemes. Consequently all those born in this year have an inherent knack for attracting money and enjoying financial prosperity. Added to this they have an easy going attitude to money which makes them very generous people to have around. Its most unusual to come across a Dragon who is a tight wad. Being open, honest and up front they expect others to be the same. As they lack guile and deviousness they are in danger of falling into traps that other more crafty individuals set for them. So caught off guard they can find sooner or later they are being stabbed in the back.

However being multi talented they possess an original mind. They can make a remarkable comeback, being so ingenious and resourceful we must marvel at the inexhaustible spirit which enables them to pick themselves up when they are down. Not surprisingly Dragons are hot-headed and quick tempered. It’s not advisable to cross swords with them unless you happen to be another Dragon. Another problem with this sign is they can be hyper-critical if things are not quite right or meet their expectations. They don't choose their words too carefully either.

They may lack a certain confidence when young then when they find their feet can often go the other way and become quite conceited - full of their own self importance.  This trait can all too often attracts enemies.

Generally people born in a Dragon year are popular  - they don't even have to try. Just as well as they have a huge need to be loved. Strong, powerful,charismatic  they bring a little bit of magic, glamour and a few fireworks into our world to liven things up.   

Clever, intelligent and quick witted are all traits of the Monkey folk. They are able to size up any situation with a glance. They know how to play their cards right, being inventive and cunning. From an early age they learn how to interact to get the best effect, how to get around people, how to get just what they want in a relationship. With their poise and self assurance Monkeys have vast resources of inborn charm which ensure their popularity and the fulfilment of their aims and ambitions. Their inventiveness, gives them  not only a dextrous mind but also a tendency to bend the truth when necessary. Monkeys have a habit of making up their own reality as they go along. So too often the boundaries between fantasy and reality can get blurred, as facts merge, so truth and lies can be mixed up as one. If this morality should cause concern their agile minds and resourcefulness will quickly manage to twist the situation somehow to their advantage to vindicate themselves and save face.

Like the Horse, Monkeys have a low boredom threshold. Their inquisitiveness is forever believing that the grass is greener elsewhere.They need to find continual stimulation to keep themselves interested and amused. Not surprisingly they have an impish sense of humour and a talent for mischief-making which they use to liven things up around them. Some are too easily able to manipulate others. With their acute perception they can read people like books, spotting strengths, weaknesses and soft spots. Lady Monkeys are adept at sutle games with the opposite sex as they seduce with their skillful whiles.

On the positive side they are highly adaptable and versatile. They are quick at mastering facts and figures and picking up new skills and techniques in an instant. This is a tremendous asset for them, not just  the work place but socially as well. They are easily able to fit into whatever company they find themselves in, as they can mimic the behaviours of those they are with. “When in Rome do as the Romans” fits them better than anyone else.

With their high intelligence they enjoy pitting their wits against the odds. In business its their opportunism and keen competitive instinct that gives them an eye for that gap, that tiny opening in the market that only Monkeys can squeeze themselves into.Once done they can turn their hands to anything that will bring them ultimate success and may even make their fortune.

Though the renowned personality of the adaptable Monkey gives those born under this sign a variety of occupations to pursue, many will gravitate towards show business. This being that Monkey people have a great need to be noticed, to leave a lasting impression, a memory wherever they go. Being so audacious and because they care so very little about their reputations it doesn’t matter whether the impression they create is pleasurable or shocking. Its simply a case of “all publicity is good publicity”.

The Sign of Peace,Grace & Family Life

Rabbits are a peace-loving bunch. Being great pacifists they loath anything to do with violence,brutality and war. They avoid physical conflicts for as long as possible and believe that negotiating is the way to solve one’s differences. It follows they make excellent diplomats and arbitrators. They are ready to pore oil on troubled waters and find a compromise. They do not lack courage however and when peaceable solutions have been tried and failed they will fight as bravely as the next man in order to uphold their principles and protect all they hold dear.

Rabbits are born with great wisdom, a natural shrewdness which makes them street-wise and worldly. They are uncanny at being able to see things before they happen. A talent which gets them the best deals both in business and in life.This ensures them financial stability and security.

Of course domesticity and love of family play a big part, nurturing life is most suited to the Rabbit. For them home is their Universe for everything revolves around family life. It follows they take great pleasure in making their homes warm,comfortable and stylish. Style,as well as beauty is associated with this group. Rabbits possess refined tastes as well as artistic skills. They can either paint or sketch in their own right, or if not they have a strong appreciation for works of art and can become great collectors. They also appreciate music and some become accomplished musicians.

Rabbits can be described as being rather cold and stand offish who dislike physical contact. Try not to be put of by their aloofness, those closes know that this is just a means of masking their deeply sensitive natures. However this can account for the Rabbits notorious moodiness with a tendency to swing from elation to depression at the drop of a hat.

Like the Ox they need method and order. They need to plan, as once their routine is upset they will be all sixes and sevens which will completely unnerve and unsettle them. Being sociable is important to the Rabbit, not just in being chatty and friendly but in the refinement of manners and social graces. Whatever walk of life Rabbits find themselves they will always be noted as having a sense of refinement and cultured views. Being elegant both physically and intellectually Rabbits will always stand out from the crowd. Either being stylish dressers or having an individual fashion statement of their own. This assessment I would say also epitomises The Cat, as is often depicted in some far eastern cultures.

The Rat

The Ox

The Tiger

The Dragon

The Rabbit

The Snake

The Horse

The Sheep

The Monkey

The Rooster

The Dog

The Pig

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